refactoring week - Poobslag/turbofat Wiki

Refactoring week occurs every two months. It's good for code to have time to rest, where we can clean up technical debt.

Refactoring backlog

  • CareerCutsceneLibrary and CareerLevelLibrary both have the idea of 'is this chat tree a nonquirky chat tree' AND perform the computation over and over. This calculation should be shared, and perhaps cached when the chat tree is initially loaded
  • ReleaseToolkit should catch unusual hyphens in chatscript files, such as the kind that were fixed in #1435
  • There is some copy/paste code between "Hookable Region Grade Label" and "Hookable Level Grade Label", particularly around how the text is decorated.
  • Reuse logic for 'if it's career mode, consult the current region for a creature type'. This whole thing is very verbose.