Goals - Pieman130/dtr_open Wiki


Each team will defend their Life, Liberty, & Property, or three hoops mounted from the ceiling in each end zone.

Hoops will consist of one circle, square, and triangle in each end zone. These will be made with 1⁄2” plywood and coated with retro-reflective tape. One end of goals will be orange. The other end will be yellow. The tapes used will be as follows:


Circle - Cut out of plywood, 36.5” inside diameter, 4” wide frame.

Square – Cut out of plywood, 38” inside diameter, 4” wide frame.

Equilateral Triangle – Cut out of plywood, positioned point down, inside leg length 55”, 4” wide frame.

From the field, facing the goals, the triangle is on the left, the square is in the middle, and the circle is on the right.