Todo - Pidroh/HaxeRPGUtilities Wiki

GOAL: Steam beta with test achievements

- have an invisible resource for skill XP
  - have an invisible resource for skill Level
  - create an action to buy skill
  - create an action to study skill

- read skills from json method
- when processing skills, create the following
- how to model skill data?
- make skills functional (buyable & studyable)
- Clear Mist actions (require level, esoterism, mystic flowers, lots of time)
 - each of those actions adds more of the village to explore (story-wise), and then you can explore the village to unlock actions & skills
 - Clear Mist I -> explore lively parts of the city -> explore large building -> unlock selling
   - if possible, have clear mist I also unlock something else, maybe something simple which can get stat bonuses (help villager to get attack bonus and some coin)
 - Clear Mist II -> explore abandoned village -> explore the dead oca -> talk to Paje -> Comprehend the Paje -> unlock Ritualism

- what content do you want to add?

- create data for skill
- add skill system

- continue the story
- add content (no new features. No grand ideas though...)
- rendering rotation support (okay chance of reusability)

- do content or do story? I thnk I'll do content... - or maybe I should do a quick trailer
- write cutscenes
- once you get bored, go center the layouts in battle view

  - slow down everything? More duration on tasks, higher maxes and costs
  - separate need from require in sahi minds 

- Mind to Sahi III
 - smile to sahi  that gets percent increases to magic attack, attack and life, while also raising some maxes
- Mind to Sahi IV (costs esoterism & level > 70), raises a bunch of maxes
  - unlocks percent based speed & defense
- Further Minds to Sahi mainly increase various maxes
- flower ornament resource -> craft from flowers, imagination & a bit of esoterism, gets max esoterism (unnecessary for now?)

- you keep thinking about your goals for the year, but you forget about the players. How to make a great game for the players should be your priority.


  • have a button on the upper screen (or to the left of the main buttons)
    • this button has a bar similar to MP, where it fills up (cool down) and then runs out (in effect)
    • While this is active, time is sped up (probably by 40%?)
    • after it runs out, there is the cool down
    • can reduce cool down and increase effect time through arcania (Arani, God of Time)

cooking systems

Persona thoughts

  • look up what happened to AKihiko afterwards
  • he became a cop
  • Persona 3 2009-2010
  • Persona 4 2011-2012
  • Persona 5 2016
  • list systems you could have for Fansona Akihiko
  • Cooking - 5 / 7 /
  • Gardening
  • DIY / crafting
  • fishing
  • boxing
  • running
  • mountain climbing
  • book reading

Cooking System for Persona game

  • you have ingredients which are resources
  • you can get ingredients from shops directly or from shopping areas ("gathering" areas which consume 'wallet money', which you can feed from your savings, and drops random ingredients, this can get you good ingredients, you can then use timed button presses to speed it up or just leave it idle, alongisde cool down abilities. Or some other mini game which is not dexterity based but gameplay based?) I think that just using time resource VS idle gains is enough. That means no crazy system, just pick an area, use up time currency and then you can access a temporary shop with some rare ingredients.
  • recipes are just something you "craft"
  • Recipes give a temporary buff (that lasts quite some time)
  • the more different food you eat, the more bonuses you get (with harder and harder threesholds? similar to Proto23 skill/proficiency system or Arcanum action improvement thingy)

RATING = ease to develop / marketing value / gameplay richness


Basics System

  • Rest recover Stamina and Mental
  • Flower upgrade line => imagination upgrade line
  • mental => Esoterism generation (Commune)
  • mental => Imagination generation (think up)

Upgrade System

Can use commune to unlock Isabel&You Can use commune to unlock stat upgrades for both girls

  • Reaching level 3 in-game allows you to get first Speak with Sahi, which unlocks one upgrade for each stat, with different quantities and costs in esoterism
  • Next upgrades on level 15, 35, 50, etc
  • After level 50 or so also unlock percent upgrades. Violently increase level unlock requirements.

Arcania OLD

  • initial actions: collect flowers & rest
  • rest recovers both stamina and Mental
  • 5 flowers to "Throw flowers in the wind", which unlocks
    • 10 flowers to "Make contemplation area"
      • unlocks Mental resource (similar to stamina)
      • unlocks "Think up" action which gives Imagination per Second on the cost of Mental
    • 10 flowers to "Give flower to old man"
      • unlocks 50 flowers to "Prayers of time for Sahi"
        • this unlocks the passage of time (time resource starts to accumulate)
      • unlock "Buy old bottle" -> old bottles
  • having mental unlocks
    • introduce yourself to the old man (gets you 1 affection & he tells you you are in Acre (changing the name of the place to Acre))
  • having imagination unlocks
    • Create space for flowers -> increase max flowers
    • Improve bottle usage -> improves bottle increase of max flowers
    • The Depth of a Bottle -> uses mental and imagination to unlock bottles increasing imagination
  • every 100 time accumulation will make a flower become a dead flower if you have space for dead flowers. Can use mental to waste a dead flower to think about death (give both imagination & mortality type thoughts)


  • Can study talents to gain XP and level up the talent
  • Can practice talents on each set
  • leveled up talents give more practice points when studying
  • talent capped at level 3
  • talent for Broad Sword only
  • interface understandable


  • support for rarer form bonuses
  • make it so the rarity / rank of the Form bonus you get is random and based on a distribution


  • there are villagers, which have memory level and friendship level
  • can hang out, which raises both levels
  • on level up will give max level of a talent OR an item which raises max attribute
  • can increase social talents ()
  • some levels of affection require a certain attribute
  • some people need a certain attribute to level up


  • can do activities together to raise talents


  • Weapon talent give +1% increase to weapon damage
  • can see the bonus that talent gives through a hover, alongside the button explanation (below it?)


  • have greater bonuses for practice level which are not random and you can assign per set



  • add story

  • add unknown tab content

  • add effects (2D)

  • redo Steam page

  • THAT IS ALL: the structure of the game isn't solid enough (battle system is bad, level progression is boring) to warrant further development. Better off copying structure of another long-term playing game

  • warning on advance button that pressing it will trigger the story (did I add this anywhere???)

skill system

  • persistent data: XP and level
  • recalculate max level in real time


  • time is a resource
  • you get time as a linear result of engaging into battles
    • turns and enemy strength, number of enemies killed etc, is irrelevant here
  • actions can consume different amounts of time

Weapon Skill System

  • persistent data:
    • points
    • per set: points used
      • minor bonus info & high bonus info & path chosen info
  • each level gives 0.5% damage bonus
  • training action which gives points and XP
  • each set has major bonuses and simple bonuses
    • "Improve Your Form" => allows you to spend those points to generate a random upgrade PER set. Quality of that depends on weapon skill level
    • as you reroll simple bonuses by imrpoving the form (or simply "think" about them without rerolling) by using points, you fill up a bar that gives you a major bonus (you can then choose between 3 major bonuses)


Once a character that has counter is attacked, there will be a short delay (shorter than normal attack delay). The words counter will flash on the countering character as he progresses to do a normal attack animation (and use the counter). If actor is dead after the attack, there is no counter attack.


There is an attribute called "Counterattack". If zero, it has no counter attack. if bigger than zero, it looks up counter information from a counter attack table.

  • Counterattack information
  • Element
  • defense influence
  • attack influence
  • damage influence if entity with counter attack is attacked, feed a data array called "buffered counters", and increase turn count speed. If there is a buffered counter, do not do the normal turn action, instead do a counter without increasing the turn count. If there are no counters buffered, put the turn count speed back up.

Story Mode System design OUTDATED TOO COMPLEX

  • Differences from Lagrima Continent
  • no Soul Crush
  • increase-able level cap
  • finite content
  • finite loot
  • new scaling of stats as necessary
  • new level up system (choose from 3 random stats)
  • New Main Systems
  • new semiprocedural region system
  • fixed only once prize for clearing
  • drops with multiple rarities (some of them unique, only drop once)
  • can only get drops for which max resource is higher than 0
  • boss generation system based on a given hero
    • procedurally create a challenging boss based on given hero stats
  • new upgrade system
    • each equipment type has their own currencies
    • costs to upgrade start low and scale
    • limit break is still there
    • adding magic properties to the item is also a thing (after limit breaking X times can reset the item and add magic property)
  • Resource cap system
  • resources have caps
  • certain areas have cap increasing clear bonuses
  • NOTE: I have decided to go against a crafting system to reduce the scope of the game

Animation system design

  • ui elements have an override of attributes for animations
  • there is a Spine animation manager
  • you can load skeleton datas
  • you can load skeletons
  • every animation is associated with one skeleton
  • you can associate ui elements to bones
  • can use spine information to check if animation is playing

UI investigation

Inkscape will be the UI making tool for now... Or not since you want to programatically enforce a lot of things. Maybe will just have a tool for visualizing the UI? Or not? Sounds faster to just draw from inkscape?

KHA investigation

Could draw the font using font size 11, bitmap font also nicely generated. KHA takes a long time to compile and is a bit unstable with many things not implemented. KHA is not so good for me.

Feedback investigation



my current idea is to have lagrima continent as it is, free progression, and have the story area be a single region called main quest where you have a bunch of areas. And have the main quest reset whenever you lose (state this somewhere). The main quest is procedurally generated but mainly from hand inputted data. The story will trigger whenever you clear an area. There will be areas without enemies(what does this mean? Like travelling between regions?).



WINNER: Battle Result button

  • put all battle results in a window that appears after you click it (Battle Results button)
  • potential for cool animations
  • closest to traditional RPG result screens (GOOD)
  • popup with all items gotten (accumulates as you get them)
  • nice, no super drawbacks, used in Arcanum (I guess just the item part?)

Bad choice

  • put them in a log with other things

    • already did in previous game
    • not good because it gets mixed up with a lot of other information
    • you want to lose log
  • just show when you get it and then disappear

    • bad because hard to know what you get when idling
  • requirements

  • player to know that an item dropped the moment it dropped (which item is not important)

  • player to know that he has new items he hasn't checked

  • player to know what dropped while he was idle



  • new story of a child of Tupa trying to assassinate Isabel (to introduce both children of sahi and children of tupa)
  • story notes: king also had his body fucked up by the crystal, he did to get it's power, however, it is set in the castle to bring prosperity to the kingddom and he cannot move from there
  • Iracema appoints Isabel as the new elite of the royal guard, Victor is against it. The King too kinda. Which is why he tests her making her kill members of her own race.
  • Tayra, son of Guaraci => people 1
  • Children of Sahi => people 2
  • Lusitani => people 3


Chapter 2 notes

  • Isabel, Iracema, Victor head back, through a different way. Iracema tells Isabel that she isn't the king's real daughter, but instead his mistress. Victor intervenes, saying Iracema is "the half princess of hope", meant to unite the Lusitani and the Tayra. Iracema laughs, "I'm not even half-lusitani. I'm 100% Tayra"
  • Victor goes off to do something, leaving the girls alone. Iracema tells Isabel that if they become allies, she'll make sure to reward Isabel accordingly. THat she thinks differently from Marino. Isabel says that she wants to kill the king.
  • Iracema, Isabel and Victor talk small talk.
  • Isabel presents Iracema to the King. Iracema is really sweet towards the king.
  • Marino stops Isabel before he leaves the castle, saying he wants to talk to her at home. Isabel says she has to go somewhere beforehand and might be late.
  • Isabel summons the evil spirit Saci (needs arcania progress to summon Saci, maybe can summon him from Arcania and then trigger the story with him through there too, after seeing the story can advance in the story) and tells him to spy on Iracema
  • Isabel goes home. Marino welcomes her back. They talk. Isabel doesn't say much about Iracema's proposal but Marino still says Iracema is dangerous. Isabel says she is too tired to discuss and goes to bed.
  • FROM HERE: In her bed, Isabel thinks: "Less than six months. I can kill that king in less than six months. That would be my paradise. My ybymara eyma"
  • Isabel receives a letter from Iracema asking her and Marino to meet at the Caxambu waterfalls. They accept.
  • On the way Isabel tells Marino that she doesn't trust Iracema, but she is willing to use her. Marino says Isabel is being reckless and naive. Isabel says Marino is too cautious.
  • They fight many battles and then they arrive. Iracema says that Pedro the IV is immortal. Isabel says she knows. Because he has the crystal of Ice. Iracema then goes further ahead. They fight more battles
  • Iracema says she supposes Marino's plan is to have Tayra's leader use his crystal against Pedro kill him. Iracema says that, instead, Isabel should steal the crystal and use it to kill the opponent, if she has the determination and courage. Iracema goes further ahead
  • A powerful monster appears, Marino says that Iracema plans to have them killed. Isabel asks that he is wrong, that she is testing her.
  • Marino can no longer advance because of a force field, Isabel goes meet Iracema by herself
  • Iracema says that Isabel is "the real thing". That she really might be able to kill Pedro and also fulfill Iracema's wish. Isabel asks Iracema what her wish is, she says it is not yet time she knows.
  • they all return home (after some battles in an area called 'way home'?), when she gets home, Saci tells her he heard Iracema and Pedro talk about manipulating Isabel for their wishes and that they plan to make Isabel "The Knight of 1" for her deeds. Pedro says she will have to prove her loyalty, Iracema leaves him to think of how. Pedro, when alone, then says the tests for Isabel to prove her loyalty will be really extreme. (END CHAPTER HERE?)
  • Isabel goes off to meet the king, he says he plans to promote her to Knight of One. He says it is the most loyal position to the king. He then says that she must spend the night in celebration for accepting and there will be a party in 7 days. She says it would be her pleasure.
  • At night, the king calls her to his bedroom. before she goes, she talks to Saci, Saci asks her if she's ok, she says she's fine. Saci says her body is shaking. She says the mind will surpass the body. That everything is for the sake of her goals.
  • The King takes of his robe to show off the crystal shard on his left chest. He says that this crystal gives him imense power and that usually such power would reduce a man's life. But he says that the real crystal is inside the castle and that he is one with the castle. He will never leave the castle but he will forever be immortal inside it. He tells her this means that he is the eternal king and that joining him is doing God's will, for God has chosen him to rule forever over Brasil. Isabel says she is touched that she is able to serve such a God. Pedro smiles at her and tells her to get ready for bed. She gets ready to leave, then he says she can sleep with him today.
  • The next day Isabel is told to go to a nearby village to invite people for her coronation ceremony. It is a village full of children of Sahi. She goes with Victor. (they should have some conversations along the way with Victor potentially being angry)
  • Isabel meets her old friends (it's not her hometown though, but her parents used to come visit as they were good friends) and invites them to the party
  • Isabel goes back to her home after reporting to the castle (summary cutscene).
  • Marino tells Isabel he understands she wanting to move fast, but that both Iracema and pedro should not be underestimated as they are dangerous people trying to use her. She says Marino is also trying to use her. He says he is sorry to drag her into his plans, but he also does it to fulfill Isabel's own goals. Isabel says she is sorry and that he shouldnt worry about her. That it is Pedro and Iracema that have to be careful with Isabel and that she has things under control.
  • Comes the day of the coronation party. Isabel tells Saci to go near one of her good friends and protect her if necessary, just in case
  • Isabel talks to everyone in the castle. She tells the good friend to go to Isabel's house and find a purple bag. The king tells her to kill all of them. Isabel says she must have misunderstood, he repeats he must kill them all. She asks him why. "Why must I give a reason?". He then asks if he has made a mistake in making her the Knight of One. She stops for a second and says she will do it. She then kills all of the children of Sahi present.
  • The king congratulates her. Asks Iracema if he sees what kind of wild monster she is. Iracema agrees she is disgusting, but that she is glad such a monster can serve the King. The King hen tells everyone except for the princess and Isabel to leave as he wishes to speak. He tells her she plans to have her steal the crystal. Isabel then says it would be best as a false visit for peace. Pedro then laughs and says that a child of Sahi could never be a missionary for peace, then iSabel suggests Iracema tags along.

Chapter 3?

  • Character fights

  • Somewhere along the line Isabel gives Iracema and Victor something to bury in the middle of the city. He records a memory of it of it using Iara's magic ball

  • Character kills little boy to show that he can kill the son of the guard. He does this because he says that the Children of Sahi are proud people and they wouldn't hurt a child. He had to do this because the only other way to cross the gate would be by force, which would ruin the plan.

  • character wakes up and goes off to battle

  • Character thinks about chancellor and if he is doing a job - scene cuts off to chancellor telling the king he knows just the one to save the princess

  • he meets chancellor who says he the preparations are ready and the king is waiting for him

  • The king is impressed that the one to kill is MC. He explains everything to him. The caretaker of the princess says she will tag along.

  • MC and caretaker talk on the way, making their bad relationship clear.

  • Flashback with why caretaker is tagging along

  • Stronger monster is guarding the area, defeat the monster

  • princess says that man is dangerous and runs away with the caretaker

  • MC realizes princess can use magic and is puzzled

  • MC reaches the princess and asks why she is running away and why she can use magic, princess says she knows MC is the capturer. He says that he has no choice but to kill them. Princess tells him to make a deal. MC refuses and says he would rather fight her. Caretaker warns to kill herself if he doesn't comply.

  • The 3 of them go back to the castle, princess tells him that the plan is to kill the king. She doesn't reveal her past though.

  • The king thanks them. MC decides to train a bit more before continuing fighting.

  • The 3 of them get together to explain the plan, that the princess wants MC to get the sword of immortality that can kill the king. The chancellor disagrees, trully concerned about MC. Princess says MC should decide and leaves.

  • Princess and King talk, princess convinces King to let MC go after the crystal. Princess is pretending to want to help the king control the world.

  • King calls a secret conference to give MC the mission of getting the crystal in the name of justice and to avoid a war, (King just wants to take over the world). MC then suggests that instead of ilfitration, they should go under pretense of a friendly dinner, a mission of peace. MC suggests someone important from the castle go to. King suggests the princess go.

  • The 3 of them get together, chancellor is angry at the princess (who wanted to create a situation which forced MC to get the sword), princess is at angry at MC for dragging her into this since she knows MC wants to kill her. Princess explains they are going to go get the crystal, that they don't have to get the sword too, only if MC wants. Chancellor asks to talk to MC alone(or vice-versa). MC says it's fine, that he is going to kill the princess. Chancellor says that the whole thing is too dangerous and that he should refuse. MC disagrees and leaves with the princess.

  • before they leave, the caretaker is a bit worried

  • They travel to the country and thank the hospitality.

  • MC mocks the princess for being angry, asking if she thinks MC will kill her. MC tell her he is not sure if she kill her or not. Princess hints at the strength of the crystal.

  • MC and princess meet up the nearby lord of the monsters defeated by MC, princess uses her power to talk to him, telling that he can take over the castle and the whole city after they kill the king (maybe the princess will the monster lord the plan before the screen cuts off)

  • It is the last day, they thank the hospitality once again and at night, MC kills the king, everybody in the castle and steals the crystal, monsters come and they run away, the caretaker is confused but the princess explains to her what is going on

  • They head off to the cavern of the Mortality Sword, the princess is worried the monster may be too strong. Then they share their first kiss

  • MC gets the sword and they decide to head back.

  • Caretaker says she found a document some time ago about the parents of MC and she wants him to read it. He says he will do it later.

  • MC and the chancellor meet before giving the crystal to the king. MC explains that he plans to reset the world using the crystals. Chancellor is against it, MC asks for time to think.

  • MC goes deliver stuff to the king, then goes read the document. It does not show what is inside the document.

  • caretaker asks MC if he is okay after reading the document, MC says he is fine and asks for the caretaker's pendant

  • MC, a bit shaken, goes meet up the chancellor, gives him the pendant, explaining it explodes after 30 minutes, that he should activate it inside the army of the king

  • MC kills the king, which releases a phoenix

  • after the battle, princess asks him what they are going to do about the king's death. MC explains that he has given the chancellor the pendant to kill the army, saying he made up a lie about it taking 30 minutes. Princess says that the chancellor will die if he does that. MC stays silent and an explosion happens. They go check.

  • The chancellor is alive, MC tells him he knows about the fact that the chancellor was the one who convinced the king to kill his parents. The chancellor laments that his life as a human is over, and now he must live as a dragon. Yet he will not give up on making Lagrima a better place and leaves to get the third crystal

  • MC meets up with princess, says that she knew, that she was the one who made him find the document, to manipulate him. She agrees. She asks him if MC is angry at her. MC says she doesn't have any strength to be angry and just cries at her lap. MC says that she will recreate the world, no matter what happens. The princess just stays silent. MC thanks the princess and says she loves her. The princess says she loves her too.

  • They are heading for the third crystal but the princess seems to have something on her mind

  • MC gets ready to fight the chancellor, they have one last warm talk

  • princess begs MC to not reset the world, to make it into a better place. MC says that she wish she could. But that she had come far, and commited many sins for the plan. That she has to finish the plan. They fight. MC tells her not to worry. That the princess will be there inside his world, just without the suffering. The princess says that suffering is part of being alive and that she is glad MC gave her that will to live. And that she doesn't want to be in MC's new world. She respects her wish, and the princess walks as MC walks into the light to remake the world.

  • MC remakes the world

STEAM achievement in unity


  1. Player wants to meet their father, who is an illegal immigrant
  2. Player finds out they love killing monsters and goes on a journey to defeat a powerful monster, while getting stronger (very strong synergy with the gameplay).
  3. Player is hired to save the princess, but the kidnapping, the princess, the king, are not what they seem


3 fields:

  1. Base Stats
  2. Stats with equip
  3. Area information Area
  • FIRST VIEW: Cumulative level
  • SECOND VIEW: total stat increases, Level increased this round?


Attack Spells deal damage scaling on magic attack. If weak, damage is doubled. If resistant, damage is halved. Actors can have multiple weaknesses how to implement element of attacks? (LEANING TOWARDS STRING FOR SIMPLER ACCESS AND FLEXIBILITY) 1) use an int (will need to have information for elements that is both number and not number oriented, for elemental attack boosts and elemental defense stats, but then it will be simple to handle weakness and what else) 2) use an string (simpler access)


  • GOALS:
  • Different elemental weakness on enemies
  • Different characteristics on enemies (high defense, high speed, high attack, high mdef)
  • Bosses in Lagrima Continent
  • Fire Cavern 1, 2, 3: all enemies are fire elemental, enemy characteristics are random
  • Dog Fields: enemies elements are varied, enemy characteristics are of dog type (high speed)
  • same type of area does not repeat more than once (Fire Cavern & Fire Cavern II)
  • procedurally generate the base data with a random seed
  • two base elements (can be represented as one if you want by using %?)
  • have a repetition count for how many times the base elements were generated in high hierarchy (fire cavern VS fire cavern II)
  • have a repetition count for how many times the base elements were generate in a low hierarchy (fire cavern II 1, fire cavern II 2, etc), and how many low hierarchy elements there are in general (fire cavern II 2 of 4)


Get new experience with releasing a HAXE game on Steam. Having a game on Steam that you can use in various ways. Experience with upgrading the capsule image. Seeing how updating the screenshots changes the view of Steam users. Experience with integrating the Steam API in Haxe. Experience with getting wishlists through web game.


  • FF7 System (spell to scan)
  • Book 1 (buy individual enemy information)
  • Book 2 (buy stat information, can see that stat for every enemy)
  • book 3 (buy region information - get access to all stats of all enemies of a region)


  • Upgrading item costs money
  • Each upgrade increases attack by 1
  • Max upgrade level is 3
  • Reaching limit rewards with limit stone x n
  • need limit stone x n x 3 to limit break, which increases max level by 3
  • max limit level is 3
  • when at level 9 limit level 3, can do Ascension with a Crystal
  • unlock upgrades after soul crush level 1
  • unlock limit break after reach level 25 (soul crush level 1)
  • unlock ascension after level 45 (soul crush level 3, enable at soul crush level 2)


Have periodical amount of enemies that get stronger culminating in a boss fight for Lagrima. Enemy amount doesn't have to scale beyond a certain amount even though some scaling for lower levels would be nice, but later on quantities should stabilize. Enemies after a boss should be weaker. One possible idea is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, with '4' having most enemies. Then 2 4 6 8 12. Not necessarily like that but similar. I mean, not necessarily the boss having 4 levels higher but maybe having higher stat multiplers in a balance way? Has to figure it out and be careful balancing. Have advanced items which only drops in higher areas, at a lower probability (high DPS katanas which are much stronger than daggers but a bit slower, while also having some pierce damage, Gigas Blade which is the slowest weapon but has better DPS than normal items including daggers, worse than katanas though. And Hyperknife, which has the best DPS of all those. Furthermore, those items take more resources to upgrade AND the chance of one of them dropping as a magical item is also reduced) READ THIS WHILE DESIGNING: