Legendary Collection Information - Pepper0ni/TTS-PTCG-Pack-Simulator Wiki

Legendary Collection's commons and uncommons are well known to be weighted together to assist in sealed play, but after some research I came to the conclusion that it's actually quite simple. There is actually a set order of cards in Legendary Collection, and each pack starts in a random location within this list then places the next 9 cards on the list into the pack in that order. The list always has uncommons 3 cards apart, ensuring there is always 6 commons and 3 uncommons per pack.

Rares and Reverses do not seem to be affected by this rotation. Most Commons appear twice in this formation, and uncommons appear once, but some, such as Bill, appear extra times, making them more common than usual. This list was created by watching pack openings on youtube and can be verified the same way.

The order of commons and uncommons in full:

The list loops around, starting again at the first Nidoran M