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  • Large pull requests take more time to review, result in less effective reviews and slow down development.
  • The team should decide how to limit length (lines of code, files changed, scope). TBD.
  • Ask TPM or PM to break down large issues as needed; we are all more than happy to!


  • Make sure the project is working whenever you make a commit (CI/CD will be a judge of this).
  • Each commit should have a descriptive commit message.
  • Each commit should do one thing.

Example of these two previous points from this Medium article:.

  • Let's say you're developing a page that displays a list of articles that comes from an API.
  • Creating multiples commits can look like:
    • Create articles page component
    • Create service to get articles from API
    • Create article card component with style
    • Add components and service tests


Our naming convention for PR titles:
< repo > _ < sprint > _ < issue > _ < pr or issue name >

This would be for the PelletierConstructionGroup.github.io repo, sprint 2, issue 5, with the name "landing page."


  • We are utilizing pull request templates in this project for the sake of uniformity and efficiency. Please fill in all appropriate fields and complete all tasks prompted by the template.
  • Please make sure to include which issue is resolved by the PR and use the format “Resolves <>” → Resolves #5
    • This will automatically status the issue as complete. Read more about linking issues to pull requests here.
    • This is already in the template but is especially helpful to include.
  • Some other useful things to consider when creating your description:
    • What is the feature?
    • How did you implement the solution?
    • What other areas of the project does it impact (if applicable)?
    • Changes in the UI? Screenshots if applicable (before and after is helpful).
    • Screenshots of mockup if applicable.
    • How to test the feature.
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