The Great Tileset Exchange - Pawkkie/Team-Aquas-Asset-Repo GitHub Wiki

What Is This?

After some discussion in the Discord about how time consuming making tilesets is and how it can limit the scope of what's feasible in a romhack, the suggestion was made to source a community "hitlist" of tilesets, with the intent of various members of the community signing up to contribute various tilesets from the list with the commitment of sharing them on the asset repository when they're finished. This way everyone can use all the tilesets made, and hopefully we can all reduce one another's workload while mutually benefiting. Credits are definitely still required.

Do not feel like you have to follow a hitlist suggestion verbatim either! Exercise your own creativity.

The only submission criteria is as follows:

  • The tilesets are formatted to be readily inserted into pokeemerald
  • Credits are included

If you have custom tilesets that use a thousand colours etc., feel free to submit them to the repository! That is just not the goal of the Exchange, which is to make readily usable tilesets more freely available.

Feel free to add new tilesets to the hitlist, and to sign up to make tilesets that still need a designer!

If you're making a tileset that isn't on this list, but you'd still like to share it, please feel free to contribute to the exchange anyways! Often people don't know what they want until they see it :D

Here's a quick link to the accompanying asset folder. If you'd like to discuss your work as you're making it or have any questions, feel free to join Team Aqua's Hideout, and you'll find a thread dedicated to the Tileset Exchanged attached to the shared asset repository channel.

How Do I Make A Tileset?

That's outside the scope of this wiki page, but there's an excellent ile insertion guide on Pokecommunity for the conventional manual approach, and also the Porytiles Wiki if you're interested in a newer, more automated approach.

How Do I Export My Tileset To Upload?

There are two ways of doing this, exporting from porymap, and just copying parts of the folders porymap is accessing. I recommend the latter, as it's faster.

  1. Navigate to pokeemerald -> data -> tilesets, then the primary or secondary directory depending on your tileset, then the folder with your tileset's name on it. It's contents should look something like this.


  1. Grab all of these files. Put them in a new folder that you'll be submitting to the asset repository labeled with your tileset name on it. This is all the material needed for anyone to insert your tileset!

  2. Add a file based on the this template. Please include an example map using your tileset so users can see how pretty it can look, and have an idea of how the tiles go together! If you name it example.png in the folder, then the README will display it for you as is.

The Hitlist

  • Underground village in a gemstone mine
  • Cherry blossom forest town
  • Fall theme town with lighthouse
  • Run-down city, like a more grey version of Pyrite town from Pokémon Colosseum
  • Swamp
  • Some sort of shogun city with pagodas with gold and jade etc.
  • A messy Asian market with signs hanging everywhere and a million different products, Pokémon in crates, rows of cakes and vegetables, etc.
  • Botanical garden with metal hoops around the grass and a lot of plants with signs saying what they are
  • Volcano indoor areas
  • Underwater old temple ruins

Works In Progress

  • Snowy forest / mountaintop - Pawkkie