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Vision of KU Polls Application


KU staff and students often want to conduct polls or surveys within KU, or within a unit or organization at KU. The polls or surveys provide input for making decisions, planning events, and learning others’ preferences and ideas, but they aren’t critical (like voting for a representative).

The most common poll/survey questions are multiple choice, where the poll taker selects a choice from a list of choices.

There are applications for this on the Internet, such as Google Forms and SurveyMonkey, but they all have limitations or unwanted features. Google Forms is clumsy and often does not allow a visitor to view and edit a previous submission, and no automatic way to set a start and end date.

SurveyMonkey has limits on free forms, including the number of survey items and number of responses.


For the KU community who want to conduct surveys and polls open to the community, and who may wish to specify a date range for the survey or poll; our product is an easy to use web application that provides ability to submit a choice on poll items, and view or modify one’s choice any time during the polling period. It also allows everyone to see the results of a poll or survey.

Additional Detail

The opening and closing dates for each poll/survey question are optional. A question is not visible to web visiters before the opening date, and voting or modifying an existing vote is not allowed after the closing date, but the poll/survey question and results can still be viewed after the closig date.