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Configuration Manager backup


Prepare backup location

  Select local or network location for ConfigMgr backup

  The location need to grant access to SQL account performing backup

Prepare recovery pre-requisite

  Windows ADK (version of the ConfigMgr installation)

  WindowsPEAddons (Version of the ConfigMgr installation)
  SQL Server (version of the ConfigMgr installation) - SQL Server installer, SQL server patch, SQL report viewer/builder, SQL Ct

  Documentations - Outlining the disk layout, SQL server version, UNC shares, and site server roles (this can be just a screenshot of each component mentioned)

  1) Disk layouts and purpose of each disk

  2) SQL server version number (

  3) SQL service accounts running as

  4) Databases structure and layout

  5) UNC share (not default)

  6) Site server role

Ensure SQL Server agent is running and set to start automatically

Backing up ConfigMgr using SQL maintenance plan

  1. Create SQL Maintenance plan for database backup

    SMSS --> Object Explorer --> Management --> Maintenance plan wizard

    Select schedule according to disaster recovery plan

    Select Bacck Up Database (Full) and Maintenance Cleanup Task

    Select ConfigMgr DB, ReportServer, and SUSDB from the list of Databases to be backup

    Specify UNC path as a backup destination (make sure SQL Server agent account has writing privilege to this location)

    Select Create a sub-directory for each database

    Select Compress backup in the option tab

    Select Search folder and delete file based on extension - specify UNC path for the backup in Folder input box and input bak as file extenstion

    Select delete files older than 2 weeks to be deleted

    Input the UNC path as the location of the report log output

  2. Validate backup maintenance plan by manually execute the plan and verify existence of backup files

  3. Create custom backup script to back up other components

    Modify custombackup.bat to include everything that you need to be backup

    • ContentLib

    • CD.Latest folder

    - Custom sources folder
    - WSUS folder
  4. Copy CustomBackup.bat into local location on ConfigMgr server

  5. Set up basic task scheduler to run CustomBackup.bat right after SQL maintenance plan is done

    Set to run about 45 minute after SQL maintenance plan start

    Set to run with SYSTEM account privilege and Run with highest privileges

  6. Verify content backup by run the schedule task and verify existence of all back up files