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v1-5 (2022)

TikTok: behindtheshades Bunnings snags’ new upgrade with ‘Saucebot’ goes viral on TikTok (Channel 10): The Bunnings Snag Just Got An Upgrade With This Amazing Sauce Machine

Herald Sun: Frenzy over Bunnings’ ‘genius’ snag invention

LADbible: This Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Sauce Robot Is Blowing People’s Minds

Daily Mail UK: Bunnings customers are treated to an epic 'sauce bot' machine Bunnings Warehouse impresses patrons

v1-5 (2021)

7 News Adelaide: Saucebot Revolutionises Bunnings Snags Bunnings SauceBot adds new technology to sausage sizzles

TikTok: robbiebell8

Daily Mail UK: Snags of the future: Bunnings wows with its 'SauceBot' machine OMG, there’s a Bunnings sausage sizzle robot that dispenses sauce for you

v1-5 (2019)

Reddit: r/australia - SauceBot takes Bunnings sausage sizzles to the next level

r/shittyrobots - A beautiful machine to make our lives easier

The Daily Mail: ‘What is this magic?’ Incredible ‘Saucebot’ machine could revolutionise the humble Bunnings sausage sizzle by dispensing the perfect amount of tomato sauce and mustard

Pedestrian TV: Behold, SauceBot: The Condiment Robot Taking Bunnings Snags To The Year 3000

Channel 10: Someone Made A 'Saucebot' For Their Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

v1-0 (2018)

Hackaday: Saucebot Uses G-Code To Apply Condiments With Precision

WBOC16 - Delmarva's News Leader: Condiments Market 2019 By Size, Share, Production and Consumption Analysis, Brands Statistics Overview, Top Manufacturers, Forecast to 2024