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SauceBot Pump Parts Pump Parts

Main plate Attach main pump plate with spacer behind with socket head M3 screws. Regular cap heads shown as that is what was available at the time of build, countersunk screws are preferable.

Spacing Washers Insert rear half of the tube clamp and locate spacing washers over holes.

SauceBot Build Locate main pump wall and attach with 4x M4 screws with spacing washers beneath head.

Roller Assembly 01 Roller Assembly Parts.

Roller Assembly 02 Insert M4 screws through the acrylic plate with spacer washers on top. Note that this acrylic plates has larger holes that the M4 screws should fit through easily without screwing.

Roller Assembly 03 Stack the bearings and remaining spacing washer.

Roller Assembly 04 Screw on the rear plate. Make sure that the flat of the D cut for the shaft is aligned on both plates. Slide the assembly to the edge of a table and screw from beneath. This is a difficult step.

Insert Roller Insert roller over motor D-shaft.

Fit Tube Fit tube between bearing pump wall by rolling the roller back and forth one bearing at a time.


Photo Make sure the tube is not stretched between the bearings.

Front Plate Parts Front plate with tube gripper and mounting screws.

Locate Front Plate Insert the tube gripper into the front plate and press the plate over the M4 screws.

Front Plate Screws Fit the screws in from the side. Make sure to locate the spacing washer between the top two layers of the stack. Do not tighten excessively.

SauceBot Mounting Bracket Parts Mounting Bracket Parts. This mounting bracket was designed to attach to the PRUSA i3 Mk1. It's unlikely that you'll be using the same 3D printer and will need to design your own mount.

Mount Assembled bracket.

Finished Complete