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The hash search scripts use Autofocus to lookup contextual data about each hash. To use the Autofocus API both the access url and api key are required. These are stored in the file in the hash folder.

Create using a text editor with the following two lines:

api_key = '[your api key goes here]'<br/>
hostname = ''

An Autofocus subscription is required to have an assigned api key. To get the api key, log into Autofocus and click on 'Settings' in the left side bar. At the bottom of the settings page will be a long hex string API key. Copy this as a replacement for [your api key goes here] in the file.

WARNING: Autofocus is a quota based system. There is both a per-minute and per-day quota based on the subscriptions/seats purchases. This application should not exceed the per-minute quota allocation. However, it is possible that the daily quota can be exceeded. Check the daily usage values in Autofocus-Settings to ensure no quota exhaust will happen while the program is running.

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