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How to build sh3redux

Developers' Note: It is STRONGLY recommended that you use GCC 6.2.x+ -w64 or clang 3.8.x+. Using an older version is unsupported and may not work. It is also recommended that you use a compiler that supports 64-bit executables, thought 32-bit should be fine.

Firstly, you must gather the required dependencies to build SILENT HILL 3: Redux. These are

  1. SDL2
  2. GLEW
  3. zlib
  4. cmake (to generate build files)

These can either be installed in a default location (Linux and cmake) or copied to a library directory (preferably in your root drive on Windows). If you are on Windows, run build.bat and follow the prompts, then run cmake, then make. The project, tools and tests should then be built.

The dlls for these libraries must then be copied into the appropriate /bin/ folder.

Developers' Note: Currently, compiling the i686 version of sh3redux requires that you copy a few dlls from the GCC installation to the /bin/ directory. The cause of this is currently unknown, and happens while using mingw-w64 with the -m32 flag.