Espruino integration with Amazon Alexa - PaddeK/espruino-alexa GitHub Wiki

Welcome to Espruino integration with Amazon Alexa (Echo Dot) protocol.

The Jscript is Espruino module that allows turn your Espruino's running device into an Alexa compatible smart-home device (see Espruino webiste for hardware compatible with Espruino).

Espruino node is recognized by Alexa as Belkin "Smart Lamp" (or Smart Switch).

Best article to read about the Amazon Alexa protocol.­groovy-time-with-upnp-and-wemo/ or­master/

Currently the module supports following parts of the protocol:

  1. Alexa's discovery of devices (the Espruino will be recognized as a "Light-ABC" module, where ABC is a unique numeric value based on chip's MAC address)
  2. Alexa voice command ON/OFF of the device (xml SetStatus command)
  3. Alexa request of the device's status (xml GetStatus command)

Future developments:

  1. implement group of lights on one device and also dimming­/08/15/updated-wemo-control-script/
  2. implement own Alexa skill