Creating Feature Branches - POINT-VR/POINT-VR-Chapter-1 Wiki

0. Why use a feature branch?

We will be branching off our main branch, Develop, to create feature branches that develop and test out some specific type feature. Once these branches are merged into develop we will work to combine the Unity scene files from each branch.

1. How to make a Feature Branch?

1.) Branch off Develop, name will be the primary feature that is being implemented

Screenshot (209)

2.) Once branched, in the Unity project in the Unity editor, create a new Unity Scene with the name of the feature.

Screenshot (210) Screenshot (211)

3.) When done, after you test and perhaps Sonali tests, you can submit a pull request.

4.) During the pull request, Sonali will check if there are any conflicts between the two branches (develop and feature) before they merge, but now we do not need to go through the Unity Scene files merging.

5.) After merging, we transfer and implement the feature scene into the main Chapter 1 scene.