Running experiments - PMatthaei/pymarl GitHub Wiki

Note: All experiment setups run VDN with 25 marines environment in these examples.

Running experiments locally via PyCharm

Change the run configuration of src/

  1. Add Environment variables:


to inform interpreter where SC2 binaries are.

  1. Add parameters:

--config=vdn --env-config=sc2 with env_args.map_name=25m

Running experiments via Docker

sudo bash python3 src/ --config=vdn --env-config=sc2 with env_args.map_name=25m

Choose your desired hardware (GPUs/CPUs)

Running experiments as a background task via screen

Note: Stdout and Stderr are discarded. But the results folder should contain a copy of the output.

screen -d -m -S pymarl sudo bash python3 src/ --config=vdn --env-config=sc2 with env_args.map_name=25m env_args.local_reward_weight=1 and note screen id or session name(here: "pymarl").

List all screens via screen -ls. Resume screen via screen -r pymarl