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This solution contains a .Net project as follows:


  1. Always operate with least privileges (not as an administrator),
  2. I downloaded the master zip by the Clone or Download pull-down on the root folder of NSG.PrimeNG. I copied NSG.PrimeNG-master folder and pasted the folder to my development folder.
  3. I renamed NSG.PrimeNG-master to NSG.PrimeNG.
  4. From Windows Explorer clicked NSG.PrimeNG.sln, and launch Visual Studio 2022. I use the Community edition.
  5. NSG.PrimeNG project is a .Net Standard 2.1, add a reference to the NSG.PrimeNG (Microsoft say that .Net Standard can be used by .Net and .Net Core applications).
  6. From Visual Studio 2022 build the solution.
  7. Run the unit tests.
Good luck, Phil
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