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Welcome to the WGACA UK wiki!

This Wiki is an experiment to see if it works as a lightweight project management tool for WGACA enhancements, support, and localisations. Let's see how it goes...


@Tommy and @Aldo - feel free to add updates about your localisation work here!

5 May 2020: Almost 900,000 UK street addresses now loaded.

1 May 2020: Autocomplete added; 370,000+ UK street addresses added.

22 Apr 2020: Planned: Public Release 1.0

19 Apr 2020: Planned: Integrate new Karma Forms (feedback forms)

18 Apr 2020: All-new status tracking tool and visual for Deliveries.

13 April 2020: Added a pop-up News/Updates alert with check to see if user has already read it.

13 April 2020: New client script _DeveloperTools added, with check to see if user['admin'] is true. I thought this would be a good place to put your localisation scripts for easy access?

13 April 2020: Very excited to have added "Show Route" mapping to Matches & Deliveries.

11 April 2020: Resetting the TEST database. All Test Users will need to re-register.

11 April 2020: Github Wiki set up for project management and collaboration.

9 April 2020: Added considerably more UK addresses using wgaca_utils.py to import Streets.

6 April 2020: First Minimum Viable Product shared for testing.

Table of Contents

1. Core Team

2. Contribute

3. Discussions

4. Documentation

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