Initial notes after 1st website redesign zoom meeting! - PDXPythonPirates/new-website GitHub Wiki

Portland Python Pirates members had a good Zoom conference call to start the discussion about building a site. These are my (ethan/gunderodd)'s takeaways: feel free to edit and add ideas here or create a new wiki page.

  • We want to build a new site in case we ever need an alternative to Meetup, so that members can get experience building projects with python, so that contributing members can build their portfolios, and so we can have a place to add new cool ideas in the future (stream meetings? users post comments and questions? who knows?).
  • We want to use Flask, so that the project remains python-centric.
  • We should start small, by building a basic homepage and expanding out from there.
  • We can start by using Figma to collaborate on design ideas, and consider mobile design first.

Our biggest questions are:

  • What do we want from this new site that the current site doesn't offer?
  • Who all is interested in working on the project?
  • Where will we host a web app, and can we do it for free?

Our next steps:

  • Start fiddling with design ideas on Figma
  • Gather more ideas and volunteers
  • Agree on a time for another Zoom call, or discuss at a Tuesday Meetup
  • ???

Some links:

Our Slack channel dedicated to this process

A free course to learn about Figma