OpenSABER Setup(Digital registery) - PDA-Open-Source/PDA-SESSION GitHub Wiki


  • Java - 8+
  • git
  • Maven 3.1.1(or newer)
  • Neo4j - 3.5.3

Building the library

git clone
cd open-saber

#for windows

Build and Install

cd java
mvn clean install


The default implementation uses Sunbird’s authentication mechanism which is using keycloak for authentication. Authentication requires the below mentioned environment variables to be configured And can be configured in in middleware/registry-middleware/authorization/src/main/java/io/opensaber/registry/authorization folder.

ssoUrl = "http://localhost:8080/auth/" # keycloak url
ssoRealm = "master"
publicKey = “Keycloak realm publicKey”

If you want to skip keycloak authentication, set authentication and signature value to false in application.yml file and even in case of changing the default port for opensaber to run change the server port variable to desired port in the application.yml file.

Database configuration

OpenSABER provides neo4j as the default database, database configuration can be done in application.yml file in registry/src/main/resources folder.

uri: ${connectionInfo_uri:bolt://localhost:7687}
username: ${connectionInfo_username:<neo4j username>}
password: ${connectionInfo_password:<neo4j password>}

Running the Registry

We Can start up an OpenSABER instance in two ways.

Running using Docker

In order to run using docker, you need to install docker in your system.

cd registry
docker-compose up

Running as a jar file

cd registry/target
java -jar registry.jar

For more information on configurations and API's you can check openSABER Documentation.