Installing PadmeReco on CVMFS - PADME-Experiment/padme-prod GitHub Wiki

  1. Compile the desired version of PadmeRoot and PadmeReco on a CentOs7 and on a SLC6 node.

  2. Create the directory structure for the package. Use version identifier as the top directory name (here test20190910)

[leonardi@padmeui PadmeReco]$ mkdir test20190910
[leonardi@padmeui PadmeReco]$ cd test20190910
[leonardi@padmeui test20190910]$ mkdir centos7 config slc6
[leonardi@padmeui test20190910]$ mkdir centos7/bin centos7/lib slc6/bin slc6/lib
  1. Copy the library and the PadmeReco binary to the lib and bin directories, respectively
[leonardi@padmeui test20190910]$ cp /home/leonardi/padme-fw/PadmeReco/PadmeReco centos7/bin/
[leonardi@padmeui test20190910]$ cp /home/leonardi/padme-fw/PadmeRoot/lib/ centos7/lib/

This must be repeated for both the CentOS7 and the SLC6 version

  1. Copy the PadmeReco configuration files to the config directory
[leonardi@padmeui test20190910]$ cp -aR /home/leonardi/padme-fw/PadmeReco/config.template/* config/

You may want to edit the default configuration files to suit your needs.

  1. Copy the job configuration script from the padme-prod package to the config directory
[leonardi@padmeui test20190910]$ cp /home/leonardi/RecoProd/padme-prod/cfg/ config/

N.B. the template script might need modifications if the version of the gcc and root packages change

  1. Prepare the tar ball which will be installed on cvmfs
[leonardi@padmeui test20190910]$ cd ..
[leonardi@padmeui PadmeReco]$ tar -czvf test20190910.tar.gz test20190910
  1. Copy the tar ball to at CNAF
[leonardi@padmeui PadmeReco]$ scp test20190910.tar.gz [email protected]:
  1. Log on the CVMFS server node via bastion
[leonardi@padmeui PadmeReco]$ ssh -Y -l leonardi
[leonardi@bastion ~]$ ssh -Y
  1. Initiate the CVMFS transaction to install the package
[leonardi@cvmfs-padme ~]$ sudo cvmfs_server transaction
  1. Using the special padme account, recover the tar ball from bastion and install it in /cvmfs/
[leonardi@cvmfs-padme ~]$ sudo su - padme
[padme@cvmfs-padme ~]$ scp leonardi@bastion:test20190910.tar.gz .
[padme@cvmfs-padme ~]$ cd /cvmfs/
[padme@cvmfs-padme PadmeReco]$ tar -xzvf /home/padme/test20190910.tar.gz
[padme@cvmfs-padme PadmeReco]$ exit
  1. Finalize the CVMFS transaction
[leonardi@cvmfs-padme ~]$ sudo cvmfs_server publish
  1. All is done: you can logout from CNAF
[leonardi@cvmfs-padme ~]$ exit
[leonardi@bastion ~]$ exit
  1. After a few minutes check if package is visible on cvmfs
[leonardi@padmeui PadmeReco]$ ls -l /cvmfs/