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calculation of embodied energy of materials used to build prototype.


consumables specification as per BOM qty total unit embodied energy total embodied energy
Acrylic sheet L=0.30m,B=0.30m,T=0.01m,V=0.0009m^3,W=1.08kg 1 W=1.08kg 117MJ/kg 126.36MJ
Foam sheet L=0.03m,B=0.30m,T=0.01m,V=0.0009m^3,W=0.0558kg 1 W=0.0558kg 85MJ/kg 4.743MJ
sheet metal L=0.3m,B=0.2m,T=0.01,V=0.0006m^3W=0.047kg 1 W=0.047kg 191MJ/KG 8.977MJ
----- ----- ---- --- ---- Total=140.07MJ