5. Conceptual Design - P-Division-2022-2023-Odd/Repo11 GitHub Wiki

5.1 Establishing Functions

Table 1:List of all identified functions

Sl No. Functions
1. Receive the order and reach the restaurant
2. Receive the prepared food
3. Sense the item kept into the device
4. Automatic lock of the device
5. Transport the food
6. Show the live tracking location
7. Send a message of arrival of the order
8. Display of QR code of payment
9. Confirmation of payment
10. Unlock the device
11. Delivery of food

5.2 Function tree

Screenshot (52)

4.3 Functional Clustering

Screenshot (43)

5.4 Sub functions Identified

1.Receiving Unit

2.Transporting Unit

3.Delivery Unit

4.Payment Unit

5.5 Morph Chart

Morph Chart

5.6 Concept Generation

5.6.1 Concept 1 "All terrain bot"(designed for terrain optimized delivery)

5.6.2 Concept 2 "CEDS"(cost effective delivery system, reduced terrain mapping capability for cheaper chasis)


5.6.3 Concept 3 starship model(complex tyres,and environment friendly)


5.6.4 Concept 4 Hybrid model(This is the chosen concept because it has the capability of all other concepts and is rather cost effective)