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Installing OpenSDA drivers

Go to

For Windows

Download PEDrivers_install.exe. You will need to supply email adress to get download link. Simply launch the file to install the driver. You should be prompted several times if you agree to install the drivers.

Connect FRDM-KL26Z USB (Open SDA usb port) At this point the board should install just fine.

Now, it is necessary to update OpenSDA bootloader and firmware, which are outdated when boards come out of factory.

Follow instructions from here

For Linux

Download PemicroLinuxDrivers_YYYY_MM_DD.tar (PemicroLinuxDrivers_2012_09_06.tar at the time of writing)

Connect FRDM-KL26Z USB (Open SDA usb port) Indicate where the driver is located ?

Update bootloader and firmware for OpenSDA of the board