Configuring Kinetis Design Studio - Overdrivr/FRDM-Quadcopter GitHub Wiki

1 . Choose your workspace wherever you want, outside your Github repository folder

  1. In Kinetis Design Studio (KDS), click file -> import. Select the KL26Z subfolder inside your Github folder.

Make sure copy files into workspace is UNCHECKED.

  1. Click finish.

Now the project is imported. Still some work to do to configure KDS properly.

  1. Right click on your project -> properties. In C/C++ build, go to Settings, Cross ARM C++ Linker and check the "Use newlib-nano" box. Remove -nanolibc from Other linker flags. Click OK after you've done both of these things. This steps solve a first compilation issue you would where nanolibc is not found. Why ?

  2. The "Refresh Policy" needs to be fixed because otherwise the compiler will recompile all your sources every time you launch it. Again, right click on your project -> properties. In C/C++ Build, go to the Refresh Policy tab. Delete the existing folder in the list, then click add ressource and add your project folder in the list.

Now build the project, and it should compile properly.