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Official Documentation

The below tutorials are very important,

EPPlus crash course

Official provide the code snippets to show how to implement the below categories in EPPlus, easy for quick learn

Tutorials, documentation and other developer resources

  1. The basic
  2. Load data
  3. Styling (for Cells)
  4. Charts
  5. Data validation & Conditional formatting
  6. Encryption protection
  7. Calculate formulas
  8. VBA

EPPlus 5.7 API Doc

  • LicenseContext parameter must be set
  • full API docs

EPPlus 5 Announcement if you come from EPPlus older version (e.g 5.6 or 4.x), please read

  • Breaking changes
  • Fixed issues

Supplementary examples / reference

Plus something common features you want in the printing result, please read the supplementary examples like

epplus Tutorial => Appending data

  • append data to cell

How To Add Pictures Or Images In Excel Sheet Using EPPlus .NET Application (C#) - Part Five

  • add images to excel (enable "move and size with cells", set height, set width)

epplus Tutorial => Add an image to a sheet

  • add image to excel (simple sample)