Installing Pupil Labs on Ubuntu Virtual Machine - OtagoPolytechnic/VirtualReality GitHub Wiki


Install Pupil Labs on Ubuntu

  1. Download the Pupil Labs Capture & Player from the Pupil Labs [github] (
  2. Open the .deb files and click install

Opening/Using Pupil Labs Capture

  1. Click on the Pupil Capture icon
  2. Connect head camera via USB port
  3. Click the 'C' on screen to run a calibration test
  4. Click the 'R' on screen to start recording

Opening/Using Pupil Labs Player

  1. Make a recording using Pupil Labs Capture
  2. Click on the Pupil Player icon
  3. Go to Desktop
  4. Click on Files
  5. Click on recordings
  6. Select date the recording was made
  7. Drag desired recording folder onto the Pupil Player window
  8. Click the 'P' on screen to start playing recording