Extracting Pupil Labs Capture Data to External Source - OtagoPolytechnic/VirtualReality GitHub Wiki

To extract the data into an external application, ZeroMQ is used for communication betwen pupil capture and your custom app. Information about how to access the data can be found [here] (https://github.com/pupil-labs/pupil/wiki/Pupil-Interprocess-and-Network-Communication)

Installing ZeroMQ

Download [ZeroMQ-install.sh] (https://github.com/OtagoPolytechnic/VirtualReality/blob/master/ZeroMQ-install.sh) and execute in the terminal ./ZeroMQ-install.sh. It will download and install ZeroMQ.

Example Python Script

[Here] (https://github.com/OtagoPolytechnic/VirtualReality/blob/master/capture.py) is an example python app that outputs the data received from pupil capture out to stdout. To Execute the script, run python capture.py in a terminal window. This requires python to be installed. apt-get install python python-pip. Once Python is installed ZeroMQ and msgpack python packages are required pip install zmq msgpack-python.

Example C# Script

[Here] (https://github.com/OtagoPolytechnic/VirtualReality/tree/master/PupilCapture) is an example C# app for windows that connects to ZeroMQ and outputs the data from each eye to the console.