Setup config and category files - OsmHackTW/BusRouteMap GitHub Wiki


Locate in LocalData folder



  • TargetCity

Your city name.

  • TargetNetwork

Network name for Overpass API querying.

  • CategoryJSON

Category json file.

See MainCategory.json section how to edit it.

  • BusStopRealTimeUrl

Query url for user discovers the bus what time comes yet , the url provide from your government.

  • BusRouteInfoUrl

Query url for user discovers the bus info , the url also provide from your government.


  • Also locate in LocalData folder
  • Structure: Array > Many Objects > Many Properties


  • categoryOSMRef

Bus category reference , it must match ref:category in your OSM relation data.

  • categoryName

Bus category name for select bar.

  • colourScheme

Define the color of bus line , bus stop. Use Hex Color 32-bit format.