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Overall Goal

To develop a branch-and-bound type algorithm that solves the scheduling problem optimally for small input graphs.

Visualization of search Requirements

The base requirement as set by the client is to provide live visual feedback of the search for the optimal solution.

  • Live update of the search while it's in progress
  • Presented information should be meaningful and a reflection of the search
  • Must be more than a progress bar or anything akin to it. Everything else is up to our team to design and implement.

Implementation technologies

Languages & Libraries

  • Must be implemented in JAVA
  • External libraries can be used but must be separated from our work


Must work for both Linux and windows


Must be packed in a jar and be invokable in the command line with parameters

Java —jar scheduler .jar P (OPTION) INPUT. dot a task graph with integer weights in dot format

P number of processors to schedule the INPUT graph on Optional:

—p N use N cores for execution in parallel (default is sequential)

—v visualise the search

—o output file is named OUTPUT (default is INPUT—

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