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Setting up Orion

1. Building from source or downloading from CI

To get the jar you must build the project from source, or download it from CodeMC CI

If you are going to download prebuilt jar, feel free to skip to chapter 2

1.1. Downloading

You need to clone the repository, using git (See Git for Windows, Linux and Mac users know what they have to do).

1.2. Building

In Windows, open PowerShell or the command prompt in the Orion root folder you cloned to. On Linux/Mac use the terminal. Run ./gradlew.bat build if you're on Windows, or ./gradlew build if you're on Linux/Mac.

After it is done building, the jar should be in <clone directory>/OrionLauncher/build/libs/OrionLauncher-x.x.x-all.jar (where x.x.x stands is the current project version).

2. Installing

2.1. Installing Orion

Place the paperclip.jar file (download it here) and place it in the server folder. Run the OrionLauncher jar as you would run any other server jar file (`java -jar OrionLauncher.jar).

2.2. Installing mods

There will be a new directories named mods and modconfigs in your server directory. You can only use mods meant for Orion there. Put Orion mixin mods there like you would put plugins in the plugins folder.

3. Enjoy

Now you have installed Orion. As a server administrator you can use mods which others have written. Or, as a developer, you can create Mixin mods.


Automatic Paper server downloading: If you delete paperclip.jar from the server directory, then OrionLauncher will download a new latest successful build from