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We use a Mongo DB to store the data. Node places information in the database and java backend accesses it and then places the game results back in.


Basically we have to main documents. Games and Users, you can see the schemas below.

Here is our Database Schema.

"Games": [Game];
"Users": [User];
"Game": {
        "name": String,
        "log": {"messages": [GameMessage]},
        "users": [GameUser],
        "tanks": [GameTank],
        "tankIds": [ObjectId],
        "board": [String](/OriginalTanks/tanks/wiki/String),
        "ready": Boolean,
        "status": Number
"GameMessage": {
    "userName": String,
    "message": String

"GameUser": {
    userId: ObjectId,
    userName: String,
    tankName: String,
    tankId: ObjectId
"GameCoord": {
      x: Number,
      y: Number  

"GameTank": {
        coord: GameCoord,
        tankId: ObjectId,
        tankName: String

 "TankSchema": {
        name: String,
        code: String

"UserSchema" :{
        username: {type: String, index: true, unique: true},
        password_hash: String,
        tanks: [TankSchema]