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These are User Stories that will define the next version, the 2014 version, of the curb ramp survey Web Application. Some stories look back at the September 2013 Lloyd District Survey. Other stories anticipate user stories if the Curb Ramp Application is used in the Prioritize Portland Project.

  • When a trail meets a sidewalk or where there is a mid-block crosswalk, allow the data collector to add a point to the route or to place a marker that will later be merged with the network. *To allow data collectors to add a note about whether a street segment has a sidewalk on the left, right, or both sides.
  • To allow logins by teams or by individuals.

Use Cases

Ms Powellhurst

Ms Powellhurst is using the application for the first time and needs help with how curb ramps are judged. She does not know if a particular curb ramp is good, so-off, or not there. She would like to have detailed instructions available to read she does not want hints. She wants a help page.


Bob is not able to get oriented at an intersection and the street names are not visible on the display. Bob finds that if he faces North it is easier to get set at an intersection because the screen and his view of the landscape are aligned. Then, he needs to read the street signs, remember these, and also read the name of the street on the screen. The interface currently has a "home" screen and an "intersection screen." The Bing base layer may not show the name of the street. Ideally Bob stands next to the street sign and also is able to read the name of the street on the screen. The screen also needs to be zoomed-in so that the crossings are visible.


Thuy would like to have the buttons remind her about how curb ramp quality is judged.


Dan zooms the display to Beaverton. He would like to quickly return to his current location or to the location that he last reviewed.


Katie wants to know statistics about time to inspect an intersection or the time spent walking from intersection to intersection.


Angela wants to help but does not have a cell-phone or a table with an internet connection. She wants to collect data and upload the data when she gets home.


Sergei thinks that Bob got mixed up and wants to correct Bob's entries and to talk to Bob.


Katie wants to give a prize to the neighborhood that visited the most intersections and made the fewest mistakes.

Mr Cully

Mr Cully -has questions about intersections that jog- for instance the intersections near NE Glisan and NE 69th where streets jog.


Moira is looking at crossings near the Lloyd Center. Some crossings here are displayed on the map as triangles when they look more "U" like in the real world. Fix the display to be less confusing without breakng the topology of the network.


Ahmed finds many driveways along MLK and wants to note all of these.


Sergi is not certain how to mark curb ramps that appear in those islands that get added near freeway ramps or at the crazy intersection near SE Hawthorne and SE 7th.


Katie asks to display the modeled walkway network as well as the aerial photo

Katie asks that we do more pre-survey cleanup of the model, especially around bridges Katie asks that we leverage information in existing PBOT data. It may be possible to integrate or overlay known information about drainage, curb ramp material, installation dates, and style of tactile warnings.