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Shapefiles and Tables

  1. lloyd_destinationsm Routing Origins
  2. Lloyd_population Demographic data- customizable. How and where?
  3. Lloyd_walkways crosswalk, midwalk, sidewalk. Each is weighted.
  4. Lloyd- City Streets Walkways are generated from this street centerline
  5. Ramp_origins
  6. Ramp_traversals
  7. Ramp Weighting, a csv file

Layer name: Layer name: lloyd_destinations: Geometry: Point: Feature Count: 15

This shape file is used in the analysis. Ideally it would include categories of interest, for instance grocery stores, schools, or recreation.

|Attribute |Example|Description| |:-------------|:----------|:-----------------|------------------------| |Legend: String (80.0)|Destination|Functional| |Category: String (80.0)|MAX, Hotel|Category:food, hotel.| |street1: String (80.0)|NE 11th Ave| | |street2: String (80.0)|NE Holladay St| |Location: String (80.0)|MAX St, Double Tree|Specific name| |Number: Integer (3.0)|12|Primary Key, Labeling, Katie added an additional text label for map legends.|