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Project Plan-Curb Ramp Survey Web Application


Web based application to collect observations about curb ramp condition, slope and existence. Application is preloaded with a model of predicted curb ramp locations. Neighborhood wide surveys (hundreds of intersections) can be completed in a few weeks by small groups of volunteers. Citywide surveys (tens of thousands of intersections) can be complete in less than one year. Field work will be either crowd-sourced or done by community groups and non profits who are able to train and pay interns.

Project Management Documents


GIS layers

  • GIS Jammer created walkway model- sidewalks, “streetwalks”, and crosswalks.
  • Bing Map aerial base layer at
  • OpenStreetmap base layer for regional views
  • Walkway- sidewalks, crosswalks, streetwalks (suggested by Katie)

Technical components API’s software

  • Openlayers
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Cartodb- sql database
  • ESRI Arc Map to create walkway model
  • GIS Jammer ESRI Addin which builds the walkway model
  • Database management- logins (a later phase)


  • Portland Bureau of Transportation: Paul Cone, Chon Wong, Clay Veka
  • Experts in Assessing Accessible Transportation- Chuck Frayer


A city-wide survey to add curb ramp information to a model of a walkway network. The survey makes some assumptions and does not do a complete ADA assessment. In early phases, during testing, data will be collected by trained volunteers. Later, if funding is available, some data collection will be completed by paid interns.

  • Where- City wide
  • How long- Complete Survey within 6 month


  • Test in Lloyd TMA
  • Test in South East Portland, Foster-Powell