Review Checklist - OregonDigital/oregon-digital-set-content GitHub Wiki

Here are some things to check when creating new set content, or review when looking at new additions:

  • Number of image files matches those in code
  • Image filenames match those in code
  • Correct amount of <li> elements in <ul class="pager"> for buttons
  • Image alt text and <figcaption> text match up, not exactly word-for-word but for the same item
  • Syntax of Rails' link_to helper is correct, and the links go to '/sets/#{params[:set]}/oregondigital:#########'
  • Links to items use correct item pids

For review, the best option is to run a local development copy of Oregon Digital and then load the branch from the Pull Request, and test out all of the files. (bundle exec rake sets:content:sync BRANCH=feature/Branchname to sync set content from a specific branch in this repo, often what the Pull Request is for). Note that when testing locally, links to items won't work since they're relative URIs.

⚠️ ** Fallback** ⚠️