How to play our game? - OrTiram/OOP_Ex2 GitHub Wiki

Hello user,

At first, you should know that our game is based on our previous project - Graphs.

To play our game, you must run it through a JAVA workspace, or through a .jar file.

The game features a user interface and algorithms.

In short, how to play?

Our project represents a game where your characters, the agents, have to "eat" as many Pokemon as possible (Pokédor).

The game connects to the server and the database, so you can save your score.

To play, enter your ID (valid ID only), select a scenario (between 0-23) per game.

After the selection - everything goes automatically and gets the best score according to the algorithms we prepare in Ex2 class.

Now .. let's play!

Enter your ID, and the stage number you want to play.

Ex2: The "main" function to play the game Which activates a function for Thread

moveAgants: A function for moving agents.

nextNode1: A function that receives the graph and Pokemon, and finds the nearest agent that is sent to eat the Pokemon.

nextNode2: A function that selects the target for the agent

nextNode: If there are more agents than Pokemon the function sends agents left without a destination to the nearest Pokemon.