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This function will return a string that has line-break characters inserted into it. Line-breaks are added based on the max_width value provided in the function, the max_width is the width (in pixels) on screen that the current "line" has to reach before a line-break is added. This function can also optionally split words instead of wrapping before a long word using the split_word argument.


string_wordwrap(str, max_width, break_char, split_word);
Argument Type Description
str String String of text to apply word-wrapping to.
max_width Real Maximum pixel width before a line-break.
break_char String Line break character to insert into text.
split_word Bool Whether or not to split words in half when wrapping




var dialog = "This is a very long string that would require word-wrapping to avoid the text from trailing off the screen in the game";
var new_dialog = string_wordwrap(dialog);
draw_text(x, y, new_dialog);

This will take the original string of test and apply the word-wrap function to it, before storing it into another local variable to be used instead.