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Welcome to the Magicka Expanded wiki!

Magicka Expanded is a mod and framework for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Morrowind), that uses the Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE) to create new, fully functional magic effects. These magic effects work the same was as vanilla magic effects do and can be used for enchanting, spellmaking, scripting, or any other purpose.

It does this by exposing a set of functions through MWSE-Lua that allow modders to quickly and easily develop new magic effects. The Magicka Expanded framework provides this functionality as well as mod implementations of various new spell effects. The mod implementations are split into spell packs. Spell packs that are currently be readied for release or are released, as well as the base framework, are found in the folder "Magicka Expanded Package". The different parts of this mod are separated using a BAIN installer. The framework is found in the BAIN component 00 - Framework. Other BAIN components represent different mods that depend on the framework. For dependent mods, only the base framework, 00 - Framework, is needed. Other BAIN components are entirely optional.

This mod is not compatible with OpenMW due to the reliance on MWSE-Lua.

Repository License

Please refer to the license page for information regarding the license on this repository. Please note this repository has different permissions than the official release.


Using this framework has the following requirements:

  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  • Morrowind Graphic Extender XE, latest public version
  • Morrowind Script Extender, latest nightly version

This framework depends on many new features in MWSE-Lua, so updating MWSE on a regular basis is a necessity.


After confirming all requirements are in place, you can install the framework as normal.

  • Use a mod management tool to install the desired BAIN components from the BAIN package. If you only intend to develop dependent mods, only the component 00 - Framework* is needed, but I recommend including the other components for reference material.
  • If you installed any of the other BAIN components, use a leveled list merger to merge leveled lists.

Getting Started

The Getting Started guide describes how to begin developing new magic effects using the Magicka Expanded framework.