Usage - Openwsman/wsmancli GitHub Wiki


wsman [Option...] <action> <Resource Uri>

Help Options

-?, --help
--help-all                                      Show help options
--help-enumeration                              Enumeration Options
--help-tests                                    Test Cases
--help-cim                                      CIM Options
--help-flags                                    Request Flags
--help-event                                    Subscription Options

Application Options

-q, --version                                   Display application version
-d, --debug=1-6                                 Set the verbosity of debugging output.
-j, --encoding                                  Set request message encoding
-c, --cacert=<filename>                         Certificate file to verify the peer
-A, --cert=<filename>                           Certificate file. The certificate must be in PEM format.
-K, --sslkey=<key>                              SSL Key.
-u, --username=<username>                       User name
-g, --path=<path>                               Service Path (default: 'wsman')
-J, --input=<filename>                          File with resource for Create and Put operations in XML, can be a SOAP envelope
-p, --password=<password>                       User Password
-h, --hostname=<hostname>                       Host name
-b, --endpoint=<url>                            End point
-P, --port=<port>                               Server Port
-X, --proxy=<proxy>                             Proxy name
-Y, --proxyauth=<proxyauth>                     Proxy user:pwd
-y, --auth=<basic|digest|gss>                   Authentication Method
-a, --method=<custom method>                    Method (Works only with 'invoke')
-k, --prop=<key=val>                            Properties with key value pairs (For 'put', 'invoke' and 'create')
-C, --config-file=<file>                        Alternate configuration file
-O, --out-file=<file>                           Write output to file
-V, --noverifypeer                              Not to verify peer certificate
-v, --noverifyhost                              Not to verify hostname
-I, --transport-timeout=<time in sec>           Transport timeout in seconds
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