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Modify Themes/tempates Oscar

Default search language UK English

Could turn on auto complete? This slows down? maybe a privacy issue?

Change the default search engines

Web Take out Google (its failing) Add duckduckgo

The rest need looking at, what are we missing. Are the new plug-ins on github, would be nice to have a mastodon one as the new version has search.

Plug-ins Maybe turn on “Avoid pay walls by redirecting to open-access versions of publications when available” needs testing

Look and feel

light and basic - a copy of would be fine.

  • Turn the bar at the top light Gray

  • The cauldron image needs to be smaller

  • This needs adding at some point. As the is the default landing page for all the openworlds projects mastodon mastodon news linking search video (coming back soon as peertube instance)

sites that might need rebooting

We need to think of some way of linking these

Maybe the image that Google uses on search the 9 dot icon in the top bar with a pop over window listing icons/the projects.

We can reuse this on all the projects.