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Login is fairly easy.

Step 1. Get SessionID

First, do a GET request to https://<wilmaserver>/index_json to get SessionId:

    "LoginResult": "Failed",
    "SessionID": "<SESSIONID>",
    "ApiVersion": 11,
    "Workers": [],
    "oidc_test_mode": false,
    "oidc_providers": []

Step 2. Submit Login

Secondly, do a POST request to https://<wilmaserver>/login. This will log you into Wilma and give you a session cookie.

POST body (formdata):

  • Login: Username
  • Password: Password
  • SESSIONID: SessionId you got earlier
  • CompleteJson: This key forces Wilma to give every request available in JSON format as JSON instead of HTML
  • format: Format for error response and misc.

Note that there isn't a JSON response, so you cannot follow redirects. You have to tell your HTTP client to disable following redirects.

If login fails (invalid password or username), you'll be redirected to: https://<wilmaserver>/?loginfailed.

If it succeeds, you'll be redirected to: https://<wilmaserver>/?checkcookie.

You'll get a cookie Wilma2SID, your session token. Save this cookie for future requests.

Example of an error response

Error response:

  "error": {
    "id": "example-1",
    "message": "Some weird error",
    "description": "Don't worry, this is an example ;-)",
    "whatnext": "",
    "statuscode": 403
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