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This page tracks features that existed in RCT1 and its expansions, but are not present in a normal installation of RCT2 and its expansions. Do not track features that were added in RCT2 that are not in RCT1.

RCT1 OpenRCT2 Plans
Mix & match paths Implemented
Many more terrain types Implemented as terrain surface/edge objects
Ghost terrain edge train doors Implemented
RCT1 Theme Song Opt-in from options
Powered launch modes Both types now enabled for various roller coasters
Finish building 5 coasters Bugs have been solved
Have fun objective Available in scenario editor
Locked and hidden scenarios Opt-out option and revamped scenario select window
Steel Mini RC, steep tracks Implemented as the Classic Mini Roller Coaster
Vehicles always switchable Implemented
Ice Cream stalls could be coloured Implemented
Water (transparent / opaque) Toggle to make water opaque in the view options
Pay for rides AND park entrance Implemented as scenario option
Handymen default to mow grass Opt-in option
Mountain tool available in game Always available, enhanced so that it works with up to 64x64 area
Separate window for research & development Opt-out from options
Finance button & Mute button on toolbar Opt-in from options
"Ride Improvements" in Research Will not be implemented (might still go into a plug-in)
Smaller height increments TBD, new save format might include support
Wooden coaster different banking & track paint scheme Implemented as the Classic Wooden Rollercoaster
Stand-up coaster different banking in turns Planned
Banner texts always uppercase only Can be set in the Options window
Supports spawn under every track piece TBD, perhaps a "RCT1 rendering mode" or a plug-in
---- -------- -----
RCT1 classic vehicles In Progress

  • Some paths are not in RCT2. Also, RCT1 allowed the player to mix and match supports and paths. RCT2 pairs paths with supports and a queue line. Additional paths that recreate the potential paths possible in RCT1 could be made and inserted into RCT2 with the Visual Pathmaker. (https://forums.rctspace.com/index.php?showtopic=8278)
  • Many ground types that were in RCT1, such as the rusted sides, are removed in RCT2 and instead added as walls. This removed some features such as using them for underground tunnels.
  • The train designs for the Wooden Roller Coaster and Steel Roller Coaster (the latter now known as the Looping Roller Coaster) were re-designed in RCT2. If re-added into RCT2, they would be known as the "Classic" trains.
  • The "Finish Building Five Coasters Objective" is not available in RCT2.
  • RCT1 allowed steep inclines in the Junior Roller Coaster, which was called the Steel Mini Roller Coaster in RCT1. RCT2 effectively split the Steel Mini Roller Coaster up into the Junior Coaster (with the ladybird and log trains, and the spiral lift hill) and Mini Coaster (with steep hills and rocket cars). The spinning cars that were in RCT1 were removed from the game altogether.
  • Fruity Ices Stalls (then known as Ice Cream Stalls before they were given a new appearance and split) could be coloured in RCT1, but in RCT2 they are stuck coloured blue.
  • Water in RCT1 was toggleable between transparent and opaque. Using the different options gave the game a very different aesthetic, though some players may prefer the water to always be one or the other (since in RCT1 the view constantly switched between solid and transparent) depending on if the player is in construction mode or not.
  • Not a RCT1 feature, but there has been a suggestion to implement some of these features from dev versions of RCT. EVO of RCT
  • RCT1 featured an Easter Egg scenario called 'Mega Park' that was completely invisible in menus until all the original RCT1 scenarios had been won. In RCT2 this is no longer true as every scenario is available from the start.
  • In RCT1, the scenarios are listed in the order of how difficult they are to win (in the opinion of the game's creator). In RCT2, they are listed in alphabetical order within a set of 'Difficulty' tabs. However, the tab that they appear under is not computed, it is selected in the scenario/landscape designer. (The RCT1 method cannot be implemented easily, if at all, by OpenRCT2)

RCT1 Features not in RCT2 that have been added by OpenRCT2

  • Using the mountain tool during the game.
  • You can turn the sound off (in RCT1 this was in the menu bar, in OpenRCT2 this is in the Options window.)
  • RCT1 had a separate Research & Development window. In RCT2 this window was removed but all the features were kept, split up between the New Ride and the Finance window. OpenRCT2 restored the original window, but has kept the options in the New Ride and Finance windows as well (at least for the time being).
  • In RCT1 the player would choose a track type first and could change the vehicles later. In RCT2 this was mostly removed, requiring the player to choose a vehicle type first and making it impossible to switch later, even though the track type is both technically and realistically the same (easily visible when using a trainer).
  • There are two Powered Launch modes in RCT2. One where the train passes the station backwards (like the Turbine in the Six Flags Belgium scenario) and one where it doesn't (the famous Shuttle Loop from RCT1). For each roller coaster, only one type is available. This is not changeable using the GUI (but can be changed by hacking the SV6 file or using a trainer). For example: the Looping Roller Coaster can only use the new type while the Corkscrew Roller Coaster can only use the old one.
  • The "Have Fun!" objective is technically present in RCT2, but not selectable in the Scenario Editor (the TRG Trainer allowed changing the objective to "Have Fun!"). Various scenario designers opt to use an objective that cannot be failed (such as the "Build 10 Roller Coasters") in place of the "Have Fun!" objective.
  • The RCT1 main theme song is not anywhere in RCT2. It is the only music (except maybe sound effects) that is RCT1-exclusive.
  • In RCT1 the default 'work state' of a handyman for mowing grass is on. In RCT2, the default is off, since handymen with moving grass set to on tend to spend almost all of their time mowing grass. OpenRCT2 has an opt-in option to use the RCT1 'work state'.
  • In RCT1 you had to complete scenarios to unlock more scenarios. This is now implemented in OpenRCT2 as an option (on by default).