2022 09 23 Meeting Minutes - OpenNavigationSurface/crs_specification Wiki


Review of action items:

  1. Jack re transformations using a BoundCRS - works, but does not account for PROJ string in BoundCRS (horizontal only).
  2. Glen re BoundCRS in GeoTIFF - Will revisit with updated version of PROJ. Does not work with PROJ 6.2

Discussion on recommendations:

  1. Add examples (or link to examples) into recommendations
    1. Jack will make one for NSRS
    2. Andre will find one for BoundCRS using https://epsg.org/transformation/wkt/id/8970
  2. Time needs to be in the BAG to facilitate (time dependent) transformations
  3. With WKT2 the statement in the FSD noting the position vector convention is not required
  4. Should state that WKT1 is still supported but not preferred

Once we have these updates we will send a 24 hour notice to this group before sending on to the larger working group for feedback and further questions.