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This sub-group covers areas such as remoteproc, rp-message, virtio, big buffers, etc. The meeting cadence is every 2 weeks on Thursdays at 11 am Eastern US time.


Bill Mills (Linaro) Tanmay Shah (Xilinx) Mathieu Poirier (Linaro) Arnaud Pouliquen (ST) Ed Mooring (Independent) Loic Pallardy (ST) Hari Nagalla (TI)


  • MP: in a backlog 11 patch sets between coresight and remoteproc
    • also doing rust maintenance
  • MP: still keeping an eye on Arnaud's rpmsg char driver rework
    • AP: to resend same version rebased to tip on Jan 24
    • MP will ping Bjorn at that time


  • AP: new platforms to support RISC-V & extensa
  • AP: will add CI tests for these platforms
  • AP: library can define independent buffers for RX and TX
    • each rpmsg instance can be configured independently
    • new API for configurable sizes keeping existing API for legacy
  • AP: PR to remove deprecated APIs will be put off due to 2 year policy

New Topics

  • BM: Looked at Zephyr on virtio:
    • Should compare with Vincent Guittot's SCMI on Zephyr work
    • Coexistence with independent virtio layers
      • need to share mailboxes? Shared Mem carve-outs?
    • WR code has virtio-mmio
    • WR has not yet shared kernel code for mailbox and memory access from user space
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