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Raw Requirements for the whole application - Overall view of the project

Note: This Wiki Page is not intended for project management, so don't put any detailed tasks or user stories here, because for that we are going to be using GitHub Issues.

Below are some requirements for the Jobber application. The requirements shall be updated on a per-need basis.


The application shall remind the user of upcoming deadlines for relevant jobs.


The application shall categorize jobs on their stages in the application progress.


The application shall display all the tracked jobs by the user in a table in one single view


The application shall allow users to manually add the job they want to track using a form input.


The application shall allow users to sign up and sign in and have a basic user profile.


The application shall support text parsing on resume and job description, displaying the extracted keywords from the parsed result to the user.


The application shall allow the user to sort their applications if they want to just see certain applications of a certain type in the table



The application shall provide personalized job recommendations to the user based on their profile and past applications