2022.01.12 Community Meeting - OCFL/spec Wiki

Call-in Details


  1. Neil Jefferies
  2. Peter Winckles
  3. Andrew Woods
  4. Peter Cornwell
  5. Dan Granville

Agenda & Notes

  1. Volunteer Notetaker (NJ)
  2. Community updates (introductions, updates, implementations, plans, etc)
    1. (AW) Harvard platform (based on PW's OCFL-java) due to go live soon
    2. Release 1.1 - Pre-alpha message sent out please review latest release (open issues, closed issues) Editors have agreed a way forward for the remaining issues.
  3. InvenioRDM Demo
    1. Python libs OCFLCore
    2. Preliminary OCFL export module
    3. InvenioRDM Case Study
    4. PR of a Extension for storing dereferenced schemata due
  4. Next community meeting: Wednesday February 9th 11pm GMT / 6pm EST / 3pm PST | Thursday February 10th 10am AEDT


New Action Items