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The continent of Esora consists of 4 countries along with the "Western Nations".

Broit Federation

Broit is a federation of states that are each governed by the most powerful families within each (dynasties). The borders of the states are constantly in flux as the governing families go to war with each other over land rights. As such, the country is almost always in a state of civil war. Despite this, there is a central system of governance that maintains relations with the neighboring countries. The central government is made up of one representative of each state, each having an equal say in the decisions made on foreign policy. Each region supplies the natural resources contained within to the other states as needed and pays a tariff to the central government for trade.

Broit maintains a good relationship with Macan and Youvia, but tensions are high with Karean due to the fundamental difference in their political systems. In recorded history, there have been at least 5 different central governing structures, but the current one has persisted for over a century.

Republic of Karean

Karean is a republic founded on the people's right to elect those in power to represent their interests. There are formal elections every 10 years that select the most qualified person within each subdivision of the country (each containing 10000 - 20000 people) to serve in the central government. The borders of the subdivisions change as the population grows in order to allow the people to have as close to an equal say as possible.

Karean keeps a distance from all of its neighbors (Broit, Macan, and Youvia), only trading for goods as necessary. Due to the tension with its neighbors, Karean maintains a standing army and a central intelligence agency that has operatives embedded in the governments of every neighboring country.

Youvian Empire

Of the countries in this section of the continent, Youvia is the most unique. It's central government's members are decided in a competition of the arts every 20 years. Every citizen that is not currently serving in the government is required to compete and produce a new artistic piece (could be anything that is considered art). Each citizen is provided with, and only allowed to use, 2 gp for their piece and given 6 months. At the end, each piece is invisibly marked by a wizard from Macan and given to the current central government for judging. The top 100 pieces are chosen and their creators are appointed to the government based on the ranking of their piece (1st is the Emperor, 2nd is the Advisor, etc.).

Youvia keeps a close alliance with Macan due to their dependence on their magic users to maintain their system of government. Youvia maintains no standing army, but the imperial guards are trained and deployed to every town to maintain the peace. In recorded history, there have been no attempts of a coup.

Kingdom of Macan

The Kingdom of Macan is by far the most magical of the countries on this side of the continent. It has a corp of magical engineers that maintain the public infrastructure. Of the countries on this side of the continent, it is the only one that has developed a means of travel that blend both magical and mechanical elements. This ranges from complex binding spells of animal-shaped elementals to a rudimentary magical car. Most magical innovations come as a direct result of a request by influential artists in Youvia. The government consists of a Monarchy that appoints members of high society to help lead. The royal family's bloodline has produced the most influential sorcerers on this side of the continent, which acts as a deterrent for any form of coup.

Macan has a very close alliance with Youvia due to their mutual distrust of Karean and the overlap of their main exports. Macan has no standing army, but the corp of engineers has members that are highly adept at combat magic and have repelled all attempted invasions for as long as history has been recorded.

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