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EZ = Eazy Explanation

Q = Is this game free? and also where i can download the game?
A = The game is free and can be downloaded from the Release Section

Q = Why is the game Singleplayer? i want to fight with other people
A = I’ve tried once to do a multiplayer but everything is SO hard and i will not ever make a game in Game maker

Q = Is the game ever be Modded?
A = I don’t think so. since this is made for Competitive , Grind for Rank. And have fun.

Q = Why the game is so BUGGY?
A = Thats because i im still working on it and releasing pre-content to you guys so you can send me the issues and to fix them by MYSELF.
But do you know HOW hard is?? god dammet kids learn GML and see for yourself.

Q = I want like a Console thing where is it?
A = Version in the 1.6 is removed.

Q = God dammet George Why the game is on Small resolution??
A = Thats because i’ve built it for my resolution because i have `1366×768` but in future i will add an settings button where
you could set on fullscreen. So you can see Better.

Q = Can you tell me where the game data is saved?
A = the data save files can be found at `%appdata%\ReynaValorant`
EZE = Seryously are you a kid? if yes go to

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