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What are Forum Channels?

Forum Channels provide a space for organized discussions. With forums, you can discuss specific topics and not worry about talking over each other. Since discussions are contained in posts, it’s easier to jump in on an existing one (or start a new one) without worrying about your message getting buried!

How do I create a Forum Channel?

In order to create and have forum channels on your server, you must enable Community on your server. You can learn how to enable Community here.

  1. In the channel list, hover over the channel category where you want your Forum Channel to live and hit the "+" icon to Create a Channel.

  2. Select Forum as the channel type, and enter a channel name.
    Tip: Give your forum channel a clear, specific title that provides guidance on the purpose of the channel.

  3. Then click Create Channel when you're done!

Getting Started

Once you have created a brand new Forum channel, you will be directed to the Get Started section that walks you through additional steps to set up.


First up is channel permissions. These permissions determine which members have access to Forum channels.

Press Set recommended permissions. From here, you can limit access to the Forum Channel to specific roles. Or you can also enable @everyone to allow all users to gain access.


Note: Tags help label specific posts/referendums.

Setting a Default Layout

You can choose between List View and Gallery View as the default layout for your forum channel. Gallery View tends to work better for media-focused forum channels, whereas List View works better for text-based discussions.

How To Search For A Forum Post

Looking for a specific discussion in a forum channel? You can search for the post using the forum channel’s dedicated search bar!

First, go to your server’s channel list and find the forum channel with the post that you want to search for.

Then, in the search bar at the top of the page, input the key word or phase of the post title you’re looking for. The search bar will show results that match with your searched word.

Filtering Posts With Tags

In a forum channel’s posts, specific tags can be associated with certain posts to help organize your forum channel and the numerous different posts under one discussion topic.

You can filter posts in a forum channel by selecting tags. Forum channel posts can have numerous tags, so you can filter posts further by selecting multiple tags.