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Images on Docker Hub 🐳

Why do we maintain a data library image?

It's a way to make data library's archive function callable from a github hosted runner. The code and devOPs setup is bundled together so we know it will work the way it does on our local development containers.

How does it fit in our stack?

The published docker images are used by our custom data library action in pipelines like pluto and developments DB. There are two images used by the action, ubuntu-latest and ubuntu-staging.

Process for updates

The workflow to update the image is here. This workflow sends the version of data library on the selected branch to one of the two images (staging and latest/production).

To implement a change, checkout a feature branch and test the changes on the local dev container. Then upload to the staging image and call it with library action v1.2. If that works open a PR to merge the feature branch back to main, and once that's done send the version of data library from main to the production image (tagged ubuntu-latest). It's best practice to test each image with the appropriate action